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Raster output not snapping to raster

Question asked by ldeming1 on Apr 5, 2020
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I am working in ArcMap 10.7.1 with 1-m resolution lidar (hydro-flattened DEM).  My goal is to calculate variables within a floodplain area, which I’ve delineated.  I originally used Extract by Mask in Arc Toolbox to extract the floodplain area (which is about 0.5 km2), then Focal statistics to calculate the focal mean and standard deviation, which I then used to calculate other variables using Raster Calculator.

I’ve disabled background processing, and have made sure that the coordinate system is the same for the map document, Geoprocessing Environment, and all layers in the map doc.  I’ve also set the snap raster to be the mosaic for the watershed for the Geoprocessing environment and every tool.  Although each tool yielded output that looked fine, none were aligned with the snap raster.  This is problematic when calculating new variables (if they are offset by varying distances and directions) and for extracting values (the variables) to points.

I then created a mosaic dataset and used the clip function to clip the floodplain.  The first few times I did this, the results were aligned with the watershed raster, but for some reason, the output from the clip function is now offset by about .5 m to the northeast in relation to the snap raster.  

At this point, I can’t get any output using either Arc Toolbox or functions to snap to the raster. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!