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Help with COVID-19 stats counters

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by morteoj17


I am manually updating COVID stats in my AGOL Dashboard each day. I created them by using the Rich Text element. I am seeing that many dashboards out there have their stats automatically updating.


I have attempted to use the Embedded Content element but each time I use a URL it brings in the whole webpage. I am thinking that if I can get access to the specific URL for each counter perhaps the Embedded Content element can work.   

Any tips or references to other posts about how I can automate this process will be greatly appreciated. Please note, I am fairly new at using Dashboards and I am strictly working off of AGOL. Also, I don't have access to an ArcGIS Server.


Here is an example of my current work.


example of covid stats counters


Here is a link to the counter I would like to replicate its display of stats.