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Twitter Social Media Cards no longer visible on CRH site via Chrome or Firefox as of 4/1/20?

Question asked by teeben70 on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2020 by CCatania-esristaff



We have had our COVID-19 Response Hub web site deployed for public consumption since Friday, March 20th of this year. It has been running great for the past few weeks, but something changed last night and not sure what is happening.


This is our site: Coronavirus Response - Mohave County Arizona 


As of around 18:00 MST, March 31st, the Twitter Social Media Cards are no longer visible when viewed via the Chrome or Firefox internet browsers. They are however, visible via the Chromium Edge, Vivaldi, and Opera internet browsers.


This morning I have had users also report that their OEM version of the Edge browser will no longer load our CRH site at all. This was resolved by installing the new Chromium Edge version on their PC's. 


Has anyone else experienced these issues with their CRH site?


Please advise.


Thank you for your response in advance,