Need for a Geocoder Discussion

Discussion created by erinlesh on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Kyle.gonterwitz_KSDOT

Do you have or foresee a need for a geocoder for Roads & Highways users? 


The idea is that the route network is considered the authoritative locationing system within an agency's GIS infrastructure, and without a geocoder, there is not a mechanism to transfer data from other siloed databases onto the route network.     


Please comment with your thoughts and any functionality you would like to see in addition to:

    • Multiple methods to reference off of including
      • measure, milepost, intersections, stationing, polygon boundaries (i.e. county).
    • Employ temporality
    • Consume over a 1,000 records
    • Consider route dominance for data placement
    • Have a function to fix errors such as out of range or mis-typed route names


Esri partners - Do you have any geocoding tools to share with the RHUG community?


Thanks Patrick Whiteford for pursing this functionality and creating most of this content.