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sum() Aggregate function doesn't add values properly

Question asked by DJB on Mar 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by JTedrick-esristaff

I've created a survey that assists crop specialists with tracking counts of Cereal Leaf Beetle.  I have two parts to the survey: the first part that collects information regarding the field location, crop type, tillage, etc and the second part being a series of repeated questions related to the different stages of the crop based on the time of scouting and most importantly the observed counts.


As part of the first section of the survey, outside of the "repeat", I have an sum() aggregate function that acts as a running total. If I add multiple counts at the original time of data collection it works perfectly.  But the way I set this survey up is to allow the users to come back to the same field, multiple times throughout the growing season, and update their counts.  I've done this by enabling the Inbox and setting up my Repeats to allowAdds=true.  This is where my problem comes in.  When I add new counts, the sum() does not update to take in to account those recently adding values.  Only the latest counts are displayed in the sum fields.  They are not added to the totals


How do I trigger the sum() function to incorporate these newly added values?


Thank you for your assistance.