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CSV in a Shared Folder

Question asked by arepsher on Mar 23, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

I'm desperate at this point.  I am working at our state EMA supporting COVID-19 mapping.  I need to get GeoEvent a CSV file that is on a "Shared Network Drive".  I do not think that there is an input or a transport that includes passing a credential to connect, so I am seeking another way to deliver this CSV to GeoEvent.


I am going to list what is going on now so that someone sees a possible way through with what is being done so far:

  • So far, I am getting port 445/TCP open on two firewalls between the two servers (for the next bullet)
  • The other organization has shared their "drive" with MY enterprise user name.
  • After the firewall rule is completed, here is the process:
    • I will make a Remote Desktop Connection to my GeoEvent Server.
    • I will Add a Network Connection to the other server's shared drive or folder.
    • I will then copy the CSV to a folder on my server.
    • I will then repeat the last step at least twice a day to grab new numbers.


From there, I will simply use the "Watch a Folder for New CSV Files" to grab changes with GeoEvent - when I over-write the local CSV with the new one.


Remember, I am a pure GIS person - not very skilled in networking, coding, etc.  Knowing that, read on...


I am thinking that if I had a "Windows Service" - running with the credentials of a Resource Account in our system - that could do the copy of the file on the other server to my server, I would be set.  Has anyone done this type of thing - or know of any other way that I could do it?


I wish I had enough knowledge to explain what inputs GeoEvent had to offer - and help the other server's IT staff see a way that they could throw something together that I could consume.

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