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Arcgis runtime to create shape file with index

Question asked by fredhejazi on Mar 24, 2020

I am trying to create a point file in Arcgis runtime 100.x.  It seems to go well enough, except I can't see how to create an index for it.  If I try to start with a blank shape file that already has and index, then it throws a bunch of nonsense errors about features having been deleted in the file.  I also tried using some of the other DLLs that are out there for creating shape files but they all seem to be missing the indexing.  


I am creating a point file with over 300K points in it, then using spatial queries to get information from it.  Without the index it is painful.  


Any thoughts on how I can do this in runtime with shape files or any other data format that runtime supports.


arcgis runtime 100.4 #arcgis runtime 100.7