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&forceDesktop URL Parameter in Storymap Tour

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2020

Greetings Friendly Folks at ESRI,


First of all, I hope this question finds you all well and in good health. Given the current spread of the coronavirus and number of folks self-isolating, I've decided to host a number of Virtual Bikepacking Trips to share with the global cycling community.


After a great many hours playing around with various storymap themes and outlines, I came to really understand that what I was looking for was a Map Series which houses various Map Tours within itself.


You'll find an example of one such project here:


I'm working on about half a dozen similar projects right now and I'm facing the same problem in all of them: getting the &forceDesktop URL Parameter to function for the Map Tours within the Map Series view. The &embed URL Parameter works perfectly for forcing the Map Tours to play nice in the Map Series but the &forceDesktop does not.


Sadly my lack of joy in the mobile responsive design with the Map Tours is quite strong and I would really like to find a solution. When I force desktop on my mobile Chrome browser I am content with the layout... perhaps there is a different workaround which would automatically initiate force desktop mode on devices I'm not aware of?


I really appreciate the support.