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Need feature layers with different spatial references

Question asked by devkhatri1 on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by devkhatri1

This is my requirement-

Feature layer with different Spatial References with offline capability.


I tried searching online I did not find any. Later, I thought I will create feature layer from portal giving different spatial reference. To get different spatial references I referred this URL: 

I used some of the spatial references form projected and geographic coordinate system. Some of the wkid were showing invalid and whichever worked [ 2000 ] gave me some unexpected result in my app while loading the geodatabase of the same layer.


- while doing this geodatabaseFeatureLayer.selectFeaturesAsync , I see feature.getGeometry() returns null but feature.getFeatureTable().hasGeometry() returns me true.[ Android ArcGIS sdk 100.5.0 ]


Is there any difference here !.


Help me - provide some layers with SR different from 3857 and 4326 or how I can create my own with the available coordinate systems provided.