Python arcpy and arcscript methods do not work with Windows Task Scheduler

Discussion created by esrichad on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by jwickers
Technical Background:  Running ArcGIS 10, Python 2.6, with Windows XP.

I can run Python scripts using the Windows Task Scheduler that do not contain arcpy or arcscript methods.  For scripts that contain arcpy or arcscript methods, I can run using the Scheduler while I'm logged in but not when I'm logged out. 

I have a batch job permission for my user account.  I can run other programs and scripts using the Scheduler when I'm logged out.  I have tested many ways to run the script: batch file; running as .pyw; added .py to PATHEX; changed settings in the registry for running tasks by accessing the desktop; added SetProduct method for license; and more).  None of these changes worked.

Can someone help me figure out why the Arc related methods do not work with the Windows Task Scheduler while I'm logged out?