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Map/Feature Service and Pagination question

Question asked by agelfert on Mar 3, 2020
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So I've run into an issue that appears to be related to pagination. Not something that I've ever thought about before. 

In short, I'm trying to replace an instance of QueryTask in JSAPI tied to a dojo search field with an instance of Search so that I can use the 'suggestions' feature.


But I can't get it to work. I kept getting a pagination error. It works when I switch my FeatureLayer out for this ESRI service:

So I came across this thread about pagination: 


...and I can replicate the behavior described there when I try to run a query at the Rest endpoint using result offset/result record count. 




So if pagination is turned on by default in SQL Server and works for FeatureLayer that are sublayers of a Map Service, why is it not working?


In ArcGIS Server Manager, I don't see anything I can tweak with regard to pagination. Any ideas what I should be trying here?