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Web App Builder Print Service - Custom Template - dynamic text input order

Question asked by on Mar 1, 2020


In desktop 10.4.1 I've run the Get Layout Template Info tool and Export Web Map from a template mxd I've set up with text elements in the map which have been given names in their properties -> 'element name' box.


Everything is fine with the service in the Portal Web App, which I added to the default print widget, the advanced options box allows me to enter a map title, subtitle, department etc.


The only thing I don't understand is the order in which these are listed as inputs. I did think it was alphabetical but that doesn't seem to be the case. I can only think its related to the order in which they are added to the layout?


I know/think the Get Layout Templates info tool creates a JSON, though I don't know where it's located to browse through it, as I can only add it as a result when I'm publishing the export web map script tool. 


Also any other advice on custom print templates and added functionality is very much appreciated.