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Why am I getting "Error: Cannot read property 'layerName' of undefined" when trying to add Feature Report

Question asked by rjcahalan478 on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by sjeng-esristaff

I have published a new survey using Survey123 Connect 3.7.62 and when I try to upload a .docx to the feature report I receive the following error: Error: Cannot read property 'layerName' of undefined


I have used the Survey123 Create Sample Template and I receive the same error on that template.


I have a feeling that a repeat is causing the issue, but even if I exclude the repeat section from the word doc I still get the error. I have tried publishing this report without the repeat section and I was able to use the create sample template and got it to work correctly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks!