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Survey123 adding a comma to calculated decimal fields

Question asked by MondiSA on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by MondiSA

We are struggling with Survey123connect and the Survey123 app adding a comma as the decimal separator to decimal fields when it calculates a value or pulls it through from another field. 


My PC regional settings are set to US (originally South Africa, but I changed these in case it made a difference). My  separator for decimals and currency is set to a decimal point. Excel is set to use a point as the decimal separator too. 


When I type into Survey123 decimal field it allows the decimal point: 


When it has calculated the field it uses a comma, and gives an error:


When I have a calculated field using the first example, the calculation does not work and returns a null when I have a decimal point in place. It is expecting a comma. It does not allow me to enter a comma however, as the decimal separator is a point. 


It works on the web app, but we need this to work on mobile/offline. Changing all users regional settings to comma is not an option.