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Filter for Date Range?

Question asked by arepsher on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by tming-esristaff

I am attempting to filter for a date range with the sqlexpression Builder, and only see choices based on a single date:



I also see an area where it appears that I can add my own SQL or edit it, but it won't let me edit...:



The ultimate experience would be to allow the selection of a date (or date+time) range to allow for searches like:

  • Which batteries were installed >=5 years ago - as they would need to be replaced. (Fixed alert-type example)
  • User chooses range of dates to concentrate on when the system was having problems.  (For example:  We collect "Radio Not Working" complaints from our Land Mobile Radio system users.  Our staff must be able to see what complaints happened during a date range so they can evaluate the complaints against things like system outages.  This would help to properly categorize the complaints as NOT user-training, coverage, interference, or end-user hardware problems and quickly close the complaint.


If I am not missing a way to make date or date/time range filters, either fixed or user-modified, this is a huge hole in the usability of the entire ArcGIS Experience Builder product.


Please tell me I am missing something and show me the documentation.


Thank you,