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Formating date fields in ArcGIS Pro Report

Question asked by pnord on Feb 25, 2020


I am trying to figure out how to properly set date fields in a report :

Report is based on a hosted feature layer (Portal), open in AGPro and most of the report is working well but in the Details section, I try to add a field element from my feature service, which is a date field, and I am facing several issues 1- Field is from the FS and not from the current date or MapFrame date, so type="date" and type="time" does not work. And formatting the dynamic text (<dyn type="report" property="field-value" field="fin" format="dd/MM/yyyy"/>) doesn't work either. It is like the date field is considered a string-field

Alternatively I could set up an Arcade field returning a string value with date and/or time, but Arcade field seems not supported in Reports. Manually setting expression/expr0 in the dynamic field doesn't print the Arcade value but only the string "expression/expr0".


2- I have a time zone issue : Living in New Caledonia, the time zone is GMT+11. In my feature service, WebMap, web app etc... the time zone is correct, but in the report, it is not supported and every time before 11AM appears as the day before... I noticed in my feature service : Date fields Time Zone: UTC(Daylight Savings Time not supported), it may be related but I don't really know.


3- not related to the date field issue, I set an integer field with prestring, poststring and emptystring parameters (<dyn type="report" property="field-value" field="pr_m" preStr="+ " postStr=" m" emptyStr="..."/>) preStr and postStr work, but emptyStr doesn't work, maybe it works only with string field ?


Any help would be appreciated