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Visualization based on current extent

Question asked by yocki78 on Feb 25, 2020



I have a web app based on JS API. I want to display my map based on the current extent, without loading any map that is not within the extent. For exampe, if i zoom to a county, then only the data in this county is displayed. When i pan to a neighbouring county (or another county), this county will be loaded and the previous county is not.


How can I achieive this ? It seems that by default, the JS API already doing this. Because, during my observation, when I zoom in into a county and then move into a different county, the layer on my screen is drawing that new county within the extent. I just cant differentiate wether the new county is freshly drawn (which is what i intended) or its just the vga trying to redraw what has previously been drawn.


I have looked into this Create Map and Restricting base map on specific extent in ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange  but i am not sure if these are what i want.


I am using JS API 4.11.