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Issue editing features in a geodatabase using the corehost dlls in a console application

Question asked by domesjo on Feb 25, 2020
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I am somewhat new to ArcGIS Pro and am in the process of developing a console application using the CoreHost dlls.

Everything has been going smoothly overall so far but I have now run into an issue I would like to ask this fine community about


I've been developing a console application which is creating a geodatabase based on information coming in via XML-files which i am parsing to Features and Shapes.

Creating the geodatabase from scratch was not a problem and it was filled with all 8M features coming in from the XML-files.

Now I want to do another run against the geodatabase to update the features which has changed since I first created the geodatabase and the ArcGIS SDK now suddenly wants me to create an EditOperation for me to be able to update the features?

The EditOperation does not seem to be part of the CoreHost dlls and seem to require the Desktop dlls? Do I really need to drag in all the Desktop dlls just to be able to edit a geodatabase?


The exact error message I am getting is "The current operation requires an edit operation"


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