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Script Tool Errors on a For loop with an If Else Statement, also For loop will not run with GetParameterAsText()?

Question asked by clc05002 on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by clc05002

I'm writing a script tool to run multiple processes.  See below:

Two problems.  I was able to get the for loop to run before adding the if else statement.  I need the loop to do extra steps if it is a polyline feature where as if it is a point or polygon it only needs to do the one process (Locate Features).  Right now when I run it I just get invalid syntax. 


Second, I am able to get this script to work if my arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\ExamplePath\" but when trying to use the Get Parameter As Text the for loop will not run.  It thinks there is no data where I tell it there is.  


Any help will be greatly appreciated!