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Python tool hasBeenValidated is always False

Question asked by don.morrison on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2020 by don.morrison

I've developed a number of python toolbox tools and my latest has a problem that I can't figure out.  It works fine when I run it from my ArcPro tool folder, but not when it is run as a shared geoprocessing package downloaded from ArcGIS Online


After inserting log statements I see that the root of the problem is that the hasBeenValidated setting on the input parameters is always False for all of the parameters. Nothing I do in the UI results in a True setting. I have 2 parameters that interact based on hasBeenValidated. When parameter A has not been validated, I repopulate the list associated with parameter B and set its value to the first element in the list.  But since parameter A always shows up a not validated, it is impossible to make stick any change to parameter B.


This is only happening in 2 of my tools - the unique thing about them is that parameter A is a GPFeatureLayer.  These are the only 2 tools with that type of parameter.  hasBeenValidated is a readonly value so I don't see how anything I do has any control over it but without it I don't see how I can make the tool work correctly.


I'm running this on ArcPro  2.4.3  and Python 3.6.8 and Advanced license.