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Interactivity with layer in ArcGIS for Power BI

Question asked by simon.squibb on Feb 24, 2020



In ArcGIS Desktop, there is capability to add a shape file layer of LSOA or Ward etc coloured to represent, say, deprivation , and then to add points over the top to show, say, which schools are in the areas of highest deprivation.


In ArcGIS for Power BI, I can add the LSOA or Ward shape file as a reference layer but then these don't appear to be amendable to allow colouring. So I have points over the boundary layer but with no ability to compare to other data (attached an image).


Is it possible to include two different datasets on a map in Power BI like this? Do we need a certain subscription to do this? I have an ArcGIS online account and a (trial) Pro licence. Do I need a Plus?