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In a versioned GDB, if I create new topology on a feature dataset in my edit version, validate and correct errors, then remove the topology layer from the feature dataset, would doing this affect the default during rec and post?

Question asked by deleted-user-mdmC0qBX36m6 on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by George_Thompson-esristaff

Working with geometric networks in a multi-user environment and would like to use topology rules without un-versioning the entire project.  The project is already well under way, and un-versioning in order to add new topology rules is out of the question at this point. 


My work around is to add topology rules on my version, validate them, and then remove the topology from the feature dataset prior to rec and post.  Is this too risky?  Should I attempt it in a test GDB or just scrap the idea?  


The reason I am suggesting this work around is that when I was recently learning how to build topology rules, I used GDB backups of finished data to practice and found errors in the data using my topology rules.  This proves the value of topology rules, but un-versioning is out of the question.  


Thank you in advance.