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Tile Layer is crashing the Attribute Table widget in Web AppBuilder App

Question asked by fbenitez on Feb 18, 2020

We recently got a serious issue, when a web map with several layers is loaded in a WebMap application deployed using Web App Builder for ArcGIS. 


The web map has several layers, base map, features layers, rest services, and so on, 

Once we finish the amoung of required layers for this web map, we create a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS App, using the share option.

Once the App Editor is loaded, we can customize the Attribute table Widget, as you can see there is no issue over here

However, once we add a Tile Layer...(OrtoPhoto) 

And afterwards, we reload the Web App we were editing, now the Attribute Table widget seems to struggle to load the web map layers, and there is no way to make this widget work properly until we remove the Tile layer. 

a Quick Inspection using a DevTools from my browser, we can note that the app is having issues with the IndexOf Property, seems the App can not load the list of layers after the Tile Layer was included. 


Unfortunately, this app as it was created including the Tiled Layer was already in a production environment, so the Tiled Layer did not have any problem, now we don't have any idea what is going on, and we must include this Tiled Layer. For me doesn't make any sense that a Web App Builder App can not have a web map with a Tiled Layer, Does anyone has been dealing with the same issue? or have any idea about the potential problem here?, or Can someone from Esri and Web App Builder for ArcGIS helping us up, to address this error, really will appreciate it.