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Geoprocessing Services - Write Data to Non ArcGIS Server Location

Question asked by kirby.lance3665 on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by bixb0012

I've searched many threads for an answer to this question, but haven't had a lot of luck. In a nutshell what I am trying to do is have a geoprocessing service run on the ArcGIS Server, but access a network file geodatabase location, retrieve data, manipulate data, and write back to that file geodatabase. I have the gdb registered with the service so I have no problem accessing or manipulating the data. However, I am running into issues writing back to the file geodatabase. I can however, write a shapefile back to the folder containing the file geodatabase with no issue.


I've just been trying to test this with some very simple code that I will attach below. The first example is writing to the folder as a shapefile which works just fine. The second example is basically the same except I am trying to write to a file geodatabase.  In the 2nd example my code will not delete the feature class when it is present. That is where it fails. If I manually delete it before I run the service, my code will fail on the copy features. (Note I am testing for the presence of the shapefile or FC and deleting it as arcpy.env.overwriteOutput does not work in Pro 2.5.) I would very much appreciate any help or suggestions!