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DBMS error - 42s02 invalid object name invalid for use as a key in an index

Question asked by NicoRoux on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by NicoRoux

Hi everyone !


I try to copy GDB file content (no creator on that source) on SDE GBE. The GDB File is build with relations table. I use "drag and drop" action to copy the files.


The copy was interrupted due to one file (table file) that the type is invalid for uses as a key colomn in an index (abstract of the error message ;-) ).


This file is set up with a key column built like 1111111-1/1 (varchar) and wide as 8000 characters.


I think that :

1- the key column is not right.

2- The field is too wide for the transaction.


Am I right or not ?


Thanks for reading and answering !