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How to Get User Input for New Python Tool

Question asked by joincto on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by joincto

I have written a number of tools using arcpy as pure Python standalone scripts.

Now I want to make an interactive tool that I can use, for example, in a model pipeline.

I have the Python code which I can run as a standalone, and get the parameters from the python command line


    python <script_name> <parameter1> ... <parameterN>


All the tools supplied by ESRI have a GUI to interact with the user and collect these run time parameters. How do I do that instead of using the command line?


Specifically I need to get the name of an input and output feature class, and also to collect a list of field name mappings (so there will be an a priori unknown number of these).


I am not sure whether I am posting this question to the proper group. Please tell me if not.