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Attribute Visibility on Web Maps

Question asked by ctheismann_cc on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by rscheitlin

I inherited the responsibility of maintaining some existing web maps that a previous employee of my organization developed.  The web maps were developed using ArcGIS web AppBuilder in Enterprise v 10.5.1.  I’m wondering if anyone has encountered inconsistent behavior in the way the layer’s attributes are displayed.  The previous employee noted this inconsistency but never resolved.  My experience with web maps is quite limited.  


Quick summary of the inconsistent behavior:   When you click on the feature on the map, there is a popup window that lists a selection of attributes from an attribute table.  When I go to the three dots near the bottom and select “View in Attribute Table” ,  no information is visible in the attribute table.  I have other layers in my map where the full attribute table is visible.  I have other layers in my map where only the field headings are visible.   I have other layers in the map where the 3 dots near the bottom of the popup window do not appear.  The three options that appear when you select the three dots are “Pan to”, “Add a marker”, and “View in Attribute Table”.  Has anyone encountered this inconsistent behavior or similar?  Thank you