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How to add a dynamic dropdown list on Survey123

Question asked by Alan_S0 on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by dougbrowning

Hi there,


My boss ask me to challenge such a question in Survey123: Is it possible to add a dynamic dropdown list based on calculation result from other fields in  survey sheet?


for example, I have a repeat static dropdown list  for all crew members, I start a project, pick 5 members for this project, then in the next step, I need dynamic dropdown only contains these 5 members to assign different tasks for each of 5 members, so I don't need to pick 5 members from 20,000 items' dropdown list.


another example: if I have a  cell in Excel to accept parameter data from URL to open Survey123, and I need to parse this value to become a dropdown list. I can parse the string to become an array using JavaScript code, but don't know how to make this array become a dynamic choice, see attached image. Thanks.