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Loading of more Than one mmpk file for single screen

Question asked by anshu@shrivastava on Feb 2, 2020
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        I want to know how we can load more than one mmpk file for a single screen.Right now I am using this c++ in qt Creator 5.12.0 and ARCGIS 100.4 on RHEL 7.6.Go through this code if i am doing any mistake then please correct.

path1 = "/home/Gis/ChartEngine/Arcgis/Runtime/Data/MMpk/India.mmpk";
path2 = "/home/Gis/ChartEngine/Arcgis/Runtime/Data/MMpk/Pak.mmpk";
MobileMapPackage *m_mobileMapPackage1 = new MobileMapPackage(path1, this);
  connect(m_mobileMapPackage1, &MobileMapPackage::doneLoading, this, [this](Error error)   {    m_mapView->setMap(m_mobileMapPackage1->maps().at(0));    });
MobileMapPackage *m_mobileMapPackage2 = new MobileMapPackage(path1, this); 
  connect(m_mobileMapPackage2, &MobileMapPackage::doneLoading, this, [this](Error error)   {    m_mapView->setMap(m_mobileMapPackage2->maps().at(0));    });

So when screen is coming , whatever is getting loaded last that one is only getting shown in screen.

My project requirement :-

I have to show india and pak in a single view by using mmpk file.Aditya PeriAlexandra GajewskiAndrew RossAllen ThompsonRebecca McKinleyJon Fiskness Hilary LeavellHuailin wangArcGIS IdeasException rendering offline FeatureLayerquery on ShapefileFeatureTable