Visual Studio Won't Debug in ArcMap

Discussion created by kevinbg07 on Mar 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by janderson77
I'm trying to create a user form from which selections can be made in ArcMap. It's not the how of doing so, I can't even begin to debug the project. I keep getting the error "A project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly. In order to debug this project, add an executable project to this solution which references the library project. Set the executable project as the startup project."

I did this (added a startup project and referenced it to my project), and the output window appears, saying it has run successfully but doesn't open ArcMap to test as it has done every other time I've attempted to debug an ArcObjects program.

I've attempted several other fixes which I've found mainly in Window's User Forums, but needless to say, I'm still at a loss.

I've opened a previously successful project and attempted to run it from Visual Studio and I received an error saying the ArcMap.exe was missing.