Validate Topology Fixes - Suggested Functions Remove Entire Features

Discussion created by jbelanger on Jan 29, 2020
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I am validating geodatabase topology rules "May not Overlap (Area)" and "May not have Gaps (Area)" in a single feature class of administrative boundaries. When I run validate topology for these errors, select an error, and go to Fix polygon overlap or gap slivers, the suggested functions such as Merge or Remove Overlap end up deleting entire features of my layer. Rather than delete an entire feature where the overlap or gap occurs, I want to merely merge or remove those slivers or snap the boundaries to one another.


Please see attached an example of an overlap error, and the results when I run either a Merge or a Remove Overlap on the error.


How can I fix overlap or gap validation errors by just fixing the errors themselves and preserving the rest of features? I would appreciate any tips on what I'm missing here.


Thank you!