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ArcGIS Geo Event Server Email Output Stopped Working

Question asked by kjxm25_KCSouthern on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by kjxm25_KCSouthern

We have a GeoEvent Service that sends an email based on a series of geofences.  The service gets its input from polling a feature service and sends emails when a point enters a geofence.  The email output worked for about a month and then stopped sending emails the other day.  I went into the logs and didn't see any relevant errors.  The service's input and output counts increase but the email's output count isn't increasing.  Wondering if anybody has encountered similar issues or knows of potential remedies?  We are sending a fair amount of emails, so I wouldn't be surprised if the output is getting flagged as spam.  The issue does resolve itself if I create a new email output and replace the existing one but I don't really want to keep regenerating output connectors every few weeks.