transfer data from parcel points to closest downstream pipe

Discussion created by rgreenway@beta-inc.com on Jan 8, 2020
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So I have a municipal sewer system (pipes, manholes, etc.) where the pipes are drawn directionally.  We have water usage data on parcel points (basically each parcel has 1 or more points representing each water service account on that parcel with a water use number, over 21,000 parcel points).  We would like to somehow automate summing and transferring that usage data to either the closest pipe or to the closest downstream manhole.  The issues I see with going from parcel point to closest manhole is the closest manhole could be upstream of the connection and send the flow to the wrong point or if the closest manhole is on a different street.  So I feel parcel point to sewer main would be the best way and even then you run into issues on street corners.  The problem I have is we don't have sewer service lines to know which street/pipe each sewer service is on.  If I did I would have used either the service line or a node at the connection between the service and the main line to put that account usage data on.  I currently have water modeling software that can pull parcel point data to the closest model node but like i said this would be pretty inaccurate.  Does anyone know if something like this can be done?