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arcgisbinding package - arc.write failure

Question asked by natalieshurst on Jan 6, 2020

I am attempting to use the arcgisbinding package in R to save a Spatial Polygons DataFrame on my network as a shapefile. I am using the arc.write() function, and getting the error message below. 


Error in .Call(n, PACKAGE = .arc$dll, ...) : "arc_write" not available for .Call() for package "rarcproxy_pro"


I have gotten this package to work before, so I am not certain what is causing the error. I have included my code below. 





#Merge with spatial data
ohio_tracts <- tracts(state = 39, county = c(041, 045, 049, 089, 097, 129, 159), year = 2018, cb = TRUE) #cb = True will omit the portion of Northern Ohio in Lake Erie



arc.write(path = "//trans4/trans/DATA/Projects/Regional Housing Strategy/Displacement_Risk/Adjacent_Tracts.shp", data = Adjacent_Determination_spatial, overwrite = TRUE)