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Storymap popups - images not showing anymore in 'add a map' maps

Question asked by acarmody on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2019 by acarmody

Just wondering if the October Storymaps update affected this?


I created a Storymap back in September. I used the 'Add a map' tool to add an AGOL webmap that I had configured with images in the popups. It was all working fine and looked great.
Today I edited a small section of Storymaps' copy and said maps' popups aren't showing the images. The URL seems broken, but it isn't... To test this I created a webapp from my webmap and embed it in the Storymap. It works. See attachment below.


Is this a known issue for Storymaps created/edited after 30th October 2019?
Is there a workaround for this?

Is it user error on my behalf?
Am I better to use Experience Builder (it has poor symbology though...)?



I like the larger Storymap popup style, like in this ESRI street art map by Saron Kitchens.
I see that this was published on October 9... before the October 30 update...


Thanks in advance.