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Get Coordinates Tool Issue

Question asked by on Dec 16, 2019
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  I've been using Arc Pro for about 2 months now and never had an issue getting the "Get Coordinates" tool to work.  After the weekend I am now having an issue with that tool for all my maps.


  Either using the right-click or using my keybind I have it mapped to, it doesn't copy it at all so that I can paste into Google Maps.  Nothing seems to copy.  When I go back to Pro to try it again, I just get the spinning "Thinking" circle and then after about 2 seconds it stops and that's it.  


  I have got it to work once today and that was it, so it's very odd.  My first thought was to do a repair on the *.aprx, but then found out there isn't a aprx Doctor as ArcMap had.  As well it's not limited to just one project and is happening across the board for me.


  Rebooting the computer didn't help at all and I just tested it out on a coworkers computer and they have the same issue now.


  I am unsure if any other tools are also affected, but so far this is the only one that I'm having issues with that I've come across.


  Any suggestions as to what's going on?