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ArcGIS Online slow performance for class use

Question asked by KatyAppletonUEA on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by KatyAppletonUEA

Does anyone else notice ArcGIs Online performing slowly when a whole class is using it? I have 60-80 undergraduate students working through a set exercise, i.e. all are doing the same operations on the same input data. We are finding that buffers take in excess of 10 minutes, sometimes much longer, when for me it was under a minute when setting up the exercise. As you can imagine, this is highly frustrating and is putting the students off using the service in future.


Is this a known issue, and, more importantly, is there anything we can do to speed things up?


I have tried getting students to save off their own copies of the input layers before running analysis processes, and it does not seem to help.