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arcpy.da.Editor Not Working Properly

Question asked by jsmoluk@PA.LCL_DCNR on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by jsmoluk@PA.LCL_DCNR

I have a script for a geoprocessing tool that grabs values from a point feature class, and populates them into related tables for that feature class. It also calculates another attribute field in those related tables. I've run into quite an odd bug concerning the arcpy.da.Editor process, and I'm wondering why it's happening or if there is a work around.


I've set up the start editing, stop editing process as it's laid out in the ESRI help file. I'm editing related tables in a versioned enterprise geodatabase.


The first time I run the tool, it stops on the 'edit.startEditing' line and returns an error with no exception. If I simply click Close, and the tool window comes back up, and immediately run it again without doing anything, it makes it all the way to the 'edit.stopEditing(True)' line. Here it throws a RunTime: Start Edit Session error. It will continue to fail here, unless I do the following:

I click close, and the tool comes back up. With the tool still open (and parameters all still filled in and unchanged), I start an edit session on the points, manually, and then immediately stop editing. This prompts me to save my edits. Why? Because the tool did actually make the edits, it just failed on the stop editing line (which means an edit session did in fact start). If I click No on saving the edits, and then proceed to run the tool again, nothing changed, parameters all filled in, it runs successfully. And it will continue to run successfully without these extra steps every time I run the tool, until I exit ArcMap. After I exit, if I open ArcMap again, I have to go through those steps I mentioned to get it to run successfully.


Why is it, one, failing on the initial 'start editing', then in the very next try fails on the 'stop editing' claiming there is no edit session started when there obviously is one. And two, why does it require me to manually go through those steps i described to have it run successfully, and get past the 'stop editing' line? The fact that it runs flawlessly, and through continuous tries, after those manual steps are done shows I have things set up right. Something is tripping it up, and not letting it start editing initially, and then not saving edits either.


Note: I've tried variations on the start editing inputs. I've tried starting and stopping an edit session before I ran the tool. I've tried different ways to connect to the sde database (my 'sdeconnection' variable), and I've tried different placements of the start and stop operations. I have yet to find success. I've been stuck on this for weeks and I can't find a similar problem on here, which is leading me to think it's a bug. But I hope I'm wrong. It's driving me up the wall.


Example of the section of code (with some variable names changed):


edit = arcpy.da.Editor(sdeconnection)
# using update cursor, update the plot number field in the related tables.
edit.startEditing(False, True)
# starts edit operation
# This cursor will take the dictionary of the GlobalIDs and plot numbers, find the related records,
# and transfer the appropriate Plot Number from the dictionary
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(relatedtable, ["ID", "Plot"]) as cursor:
    for row in cursor:
        gid = row[0]
        for key, value in plotdict.iteritems():
            if gid == key:
                row[1] = value