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I have a hosted feature service set up for editor tracking

Question asked by jhill@fwforestry.com_fwforestry on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by jhill@fwforestry.com_fwforestry

I published a web layer to be used in Collector.  On the Settings tab in AGOL I set it to "Keep track of who created and last updated features".  I did not have the Editor field or EditDate visible in the PopUps.  A request was made to see these so within AGOL I opened the layer in the Map Viewer.  I went to Configure Popup/Configure Attributes and checked Display for both fields (I did uncheck the Time box).  Perhaps I went wrong when I then hit 'Save Layer' from the More Options.  And I also saved the web map for good measure.  All 1100 records updated the EditDate to right then with my name as Editor.  It wiped out the field personnel's info for the items already done in the field with Collector. I then went from the Overview tab and opened the hosted feature service with "Open in ArcGIS Pro".  When I opened the attribute table I saw the CreationDate (which was not visible in AGOL in either the attribute table or Data tab) had also changed on every single record to match the EditDate.  Was this caused by my saving the layer or is it a bug?