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Loop conditional in raster calculator

Question asked by bennyistanto on Dec 4, 2019
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I have daily rainfall data in milimeters in GeoTIFF format with naming convention chirps_YYYYMMDD.tif (example chirps_20100101.tif), and I also have 1 raster of dry-spell with name dslr_chirps_20091231.tif and both raster have same spatial resolution and extent.


Then I would like to calculate dry-spell for 1 Jan 2010, IF(rainfall>1,dslr=0,dslr+1). Using raster calculator I can use this formula: Con("chirps_20100101.tif" > 1, "dslr_chirps_20091231.tif" == 0, "dslr_chirps_20101231.tif" + 1)

The raster output will be dslr_chirps_20180101.tif


I have 10 years daily rainfall data and would like to calculate daily dry-spell for all the available data period.

How to loop the above calculation using model builder, when the output for each calculation will use as input for the next calculation?