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Resizing Widget Window

Question asked by tmoran_Dewberry on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by tmoran_Dewberry

I'm looking to change the size of widget window/panel for an in-panel widget using WAB v2.4 to have a width of ~50% of the window or ~600px. I've been able to modify the contents of the widget panel (child elements are reduced using method shown in #3) but I'm looking to actually widen a specific widget UI so that it's capable of providing enough horizontal screen real estate for the widget contents.


I've attempted to modify the width property through a variety of methods (These include......


Modifying the config file to include the position object (position.width) and then programmatically enforcing a new width property.


      this.panel.position.width = this.config.position.width;


2. Changing the widget style width via = 600 didn't yield anything as well.


3. Enforcing the widget class (declared as the baseClass at widget instantiation) in the widget stylesheet.

    width50% !important;


Any guidance on how to accomplish this? I'm sure I'm sure accessing the DOM/widget the wrong way but I'm getting frustrated with this simple task.