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Error in generate Pathways

Question asked by pan_gis on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by VAnderson-esristaff


Here the log.

does anyone know why I am getting this error being all input validated?





Start Time: 29 November 2019 13:37:26
Running script GeneratePathways...
Initialization complete
Executing validate_inputs...
---All input feature classes' spatial references match.
FC = OMISSIS\_Indoors.gdb\AIIM\Facilities
---The Facilities ID fields in all feature classes have the same type: String
FC = OMISSIS\_Indoors.gdb\AIIM\Levels
---The Level ID fields in all feature classes have the same type: String
---The values in the Facilities ID field in the Building feature class are all unique.
---The values in the Level ID field in the Levels feature class are all unique.
Function validate_inputs completed successfully.  Elapsed time: 8.15 seconds.
Executing get_building_attributes...
Executing create_building_filename_string_dict...
Processing facility OMISSIS\
Number of features in floorplan details layer: 7901
Number of features in floor levels layer: 1
Filtering input layers on the Building ID...
Executing create_building_template_lattice...
Creating template lattice for building OMISSIS\.
Function create_building_template_lattice completed successfully.  Elapsed time: 2 minutes 13 seconds.
Creating floor latticess...
Processing lattice features for floor OMISSIS\.
Deleting short features...
Adding z values...
Loading features into feature class Pathways
 must be str, not NoneType
 Failed to execute (GeneratePathways).
Failed at 29 November 2019 13:41:46 (Elapsed Time: 4 minutes 20 seconds)