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How to re-create Data Driven Pages functionality on the Map View? (ArcPy?)

Question asked by Mark.Wright0_Experian on Nov 29, 2019



When reviewing catchments to check for contiguity (do the catchments have holes in, or disconnected parts),  in ArcMap, I have used Data Driven pages to fly to each catchment, and then I can use Page Definitions to have the target catchment in one colour, and surrounding catchments in another. Because this is in the Map view, I can use the Identify tool, pan, zoom etc all with ease. Note, I never actually output the maps.


Having moved to ArcGIS Pro, I notice I can use the Map Series function in the Layout View, but if I want to zoom/pan/Identify, then I have to activate the Map Frame, and then deactivate it when I want to move on. This decreases my efficiency. Also, using the Layout View means I can see less of the map than the standard Map view. 


I have seen on these forums someone suggested using the "Zoom to" function on an attribute table, but that removes the ability to use Page Definitions.


I have seen online that there is a function in ArcPy called SearchCursor. I wonder if it is possible to use this to recreate the functionality of the old Data Driven Pages toolbar within the Map View?


Any help greatly appreciated