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Calibrated Network Display Error

Question asked by colin.schut.tdy on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by CReece-esristaff



I've created a calibrated network which appears to be calibrated correctly, but I can see that the routes are misaligned around the calibration points (which were created from the same source dataset). Now, this is at 1:0.01 scale so the difference is microscopic, and it doesn't seem to have an practical impacts (translate lrm to lrm had no issues) but it is visually noticeable when zoomed out further.


Is this simply a display issue due to precision limits (the points are 0.2mm apart)? By definition the routes share the centreline so I figure it must be, but if this were any other dataset I would assume they weren't perfectly coincident. 


Has anyone run into this before? Is this something to be concerned about?


Red = Centreline

Orange= Network 1

Green = Network 2