Floating point to integer grid?

Discussion created by prent001 on Mar 17, 2011
  I have a question on converting a floating point grid to integer grid in order to be able to define the value of each raster cell. I have a network of wells with water level elevation data. I used spatial analyst to interpolate to raster --> inverse distance weighted, in order to create a floating point grid over my study area of interpolated water level elevations. I now want to be able to find out the interpolated water level elevation assigned to each cell, but when I reclassify to an integer grid, I am only able to reclassify to a range of values which are represented as numbers (1- however many classes I choose). Is there some way (maybe even without spatial analyst?) that I can interpolate water elevations over my study area, create a raster, and then be able to query or find cell-specific water elevations? Thanks