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Raster Legend to Show Only Displayed Ranges

Question asked by april.rebert_adfg on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by DPisut-esristaff

I'm working with SST data from this Living Atlas layer: This layer is incredible but I have a question related to displaying the SST values.


I would like to show the SST data in a series of maps from the same location during various seasons over the course of several years. The issue I'm running into is the legend in the layout shows the SST values for the entire planet, instead of only the range of the SSTs for the area being displayed (attached as Image_1). When I export the SST raster for the area displayed, the range becomes specific to that place and time and therefore cannot be visually compared to other years from the same area (attached as Image_2).


Is there a way to have the legend in the layout display only the SST raster values that are contained in the area displayed?


Thanks for any help!