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Python example scripts fail ?

Question asked by alan_adk on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by alan_adk

Hi CE and python folks,


Upfront disclaimer, I'm a python noob and seem to have forgotten most of the thing I tried and tested years ago with python & CE.


I have gone back to some posts and tutes, namely 


Overwriting attributs / using report results for further calculations 


as well as this old tutorial 


All the python scripts that I run come back with the same NameError:


global name 'model' not defined


in the case of this script from tutorial 12 ...







so I'm wondering if it's actually something up with my setup or if I'm missing something fundamental ?


If someone could point me North I would greatly appreciate it as I'm lost as to why none of these work? 


Many thanks in advance.




Cheryl Lau