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tkFileDialog.askopenfilename in python addin crashes ArcMap

Question asked by rpankevicius on Nov 16, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by rpankevicius

I tried to create an interactive tool that takes features selected in the active ArcMap view, allows user to pick a file and then attach it to selected features.


However, everything ends at tkFileDialog.askopenfilename() method crashing ArcMap. I have 10.5.1, but I managed to crash ArcMap in 10.7.1 on my colleagues machine.


Is that issue known, is that Python issue or ArcMap-s?

My example is here (crashes ArcMap):
GitHub - r-pankevicius/arcgis-addin-tool-py-template-with-selection-input: ArcGIS python add-in tool that takes selected…