Hello my name is Kim Garbade

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I work in Jacksonville Florida (Great Town)


GIS Successes this year were: Learned some web programming, automated Rec and Post process, Learned ArcGIS Pro, got up to speed on Data Reviewer in ArcGIS Pro (still not as good as ArcGIS version), and remembered some ArcObjects .NET


I have no one area of expertise.  As a great poet once said:  "If you got a problem Yo I'll solve it."...  Project Manager is my title, but that's just part of it.  I manage enterprise geodatabases, I create SQL Server queries and reports, I write code if I have to (web and desktop), create maps if I must, help with proposals, etc.


My interests are my family, spending more time with my family, vacationing with my family and my Surly Midnight Special... this week... a new bike project next week.


Coordinate: 29.649918, -82.348631 


I also like 41.768342, -74.156031