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ArcGIS Pro API or Python for Geodatabase Edit Tool Creation?

Question asked by on Nov 15, 2019
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I wrote some ArcObjects.Net code about 6 years ago (Visual Studio/C#) that created an add-in to ArcMap that helped users add and edit features in an SDE Geodatabase.  The code was linked to a button that would open a form.  The form allowed users to enter data about a source document they may be using to base edits on (Source Author, Source Date, Datums, Current Date, etc.).  Once the form was populated users could create new; or edit existing, features.  For new  features a new unique identifier is generated, source data is populated for the feature, and overlay analysis sets certain values based on underlying source polygons (I.E. maintenance area, council district,...).  I want to rewrite this tool to work in ArcGIS Pro.  My first inclination is to use the ArcGIS Pro API, but then I hear of the wonders of Python for this kind of thing.  I've only ever used Python for one-off kinds of geoprocessing before, nothing this complicated, but I also know some python already and the Pro API looks like a learning heavy lift.  My question is simply this:  What would you use (ArcGIS Pro API or Python) and why?   Sorry for the long question... its my first post on GeoNet.